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Key Info: Bible studies will take place every Monday 6:30-8:00pm except the first Monday of the month. Lessons will be delivered by Ps Jorge, Ps Rosanna, Ps Moises and a monthly guest speaker.​

Expectations: 70% participation is the minimum so you can get the most out of Bible Studies. Display a Christ-like conduct of respect and honour. Invest in yourself through spending personal reflection and study time. Develop relationships with those attending the studies.​

Study topics: Lessons will be delivered in series. The first series is "God the Father" and covers topics like: The existence of God; God is a balanced being; The trinity; Names, fatherhood and the silence of God; The fear of the Lord.

Other Bible Study topics include: The miracles of Christ; The personality of the Holy Spirit; Christian living; The Church; Love; Praise; Devine healing; Hell; and Law and Grace.​ So many exciting topics to enrich our lives with!!

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